Gerard Kuijpers


Rocks, Art Brussels Art Fair, from 25 april to 28 april 2024, Palais 3-4 Heysel

Born in 1962, Kuijpers is a Flemish artist, sculptor and designer based in Mechelen.

He is famous for his very pure use of stone and steel. He transforms the most massive and crude of materials into an almost featherweight, taking advantage of their inner qualities to manipulate them.  Through his works, Kuijpers shows us the eternity contained in a block of marble, and awakens in us the geological memory that links man to the universe.

“A hunter of stones and poet of recomposed nature, Gerard Kuijpers has designed two veritable mineral ballets for Fontainebleau. Presented in majesty, like so many treasures and precious stones, the Dancing Stones seem to defy the laws of gravity and escape the earth’s attraction with their swing. Their asteroid dance imbues their surroundings with wonder. Taken from active European quarries, they evoke both the art of building and the poetry of ruins, lending the garden an almost magical atmosphere.” Jean Marc Dimanche, p. 26, BeauxArts Magazine, Hors série, May 2023.