Denis Laget


Denis Laget was born in 1958 in Valence. He was a laureate of the Villa Médicis (1989/1990).
He lives and works in Paris.

“Portraits, vanities, still lifes, landscapes … Denis Laget maintains his painting in the classical subjects of art history. If we try to list more finely the series that punctuate his work for about thirty-five years, we find: portraits, lemons, skulls, herrings, meat quarters, sheep’s heads, jellyfish, landscapes, flowers, dogs, birds, fig leaves… It is a collection at the same time banal and strange, a kind of cabinet of curiosities, where nothing extraordinary or spectacular imposes itself. Does this mean that all these subjects are random, pure pretexts to paint, images-supports without meaning and without stake in itself?”

Karim Ghaddab
“Do not delete” / “Ne pas effacer”, in Denis Laget
FRAC Auvergne, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, Musée Estrine, 2019.