Denis Laget

“Portraits, vanitas, still lifes, landscapes… Denis Laget embeds his paintings in art history’s classic subjects. A more thorough attempt to list the series comprising this oeuvre, which has been evolving for around 35 years now, yields: portraits, lemons, skulls, herrings, meat slabs, sheep heads, jellyfish, landscapes, flowers, dogs, birds, fig leaves… forming a collection that is both banal and strange, a sort of cabinet of curiosities where nothing extraordinary or spectacular stands out. Does this imply that the subjects are all random, mere pretexts to paint, meaningless and aimless image-props?”

Karim Ghaddab«Ne pas effacer» / «Do not delete», in Denis LagetFRAC Auvergne, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, Musée Estrine, 2019.