Guy de Malherbe

Born in 1958, lives and works in Paris and in the Sarthe.

At the beginning of Guy de Malherbe’s painting, mineral chaos is sometimes anthropomorphic. The repetition of the same place, the same cliff makes the rock almost impalpable, the artist finding the fault to wrap a whole universe around it…

In his painting, the relationship between the body and the landscape becomes almost fossil, the latter remaining a great question not yet resolved in his eyes.
Just as Delacroix, whose bones and skeletons referred to the whole body, the shapes that Guy de Malherbe paints on the mother’s side become models halfway between the rock and the body, in the same way as the chops refer to the steep, high and continuous rock ridges, typical of this Normandy so dear to him.

After more than ten years of a more intimate style of painting, mainly on wood, Guy de Malherbe’s painting evolved towards an art that is more and more expressive and free, where matter and gesture take a prominent place. Around the recurring pattern of the rocks, the sleeping or fragmented bodies, and the cliffs, his painting deploys as an autonomous language.